Pot Magnets

There is no stray flux as the magnetism is retained in a closed circuit. The pot screens the magnet proper from de-magnetizing effects. The pot is readily machinable. Can be inserted into, or fitted to steel without adverse effect. (This cannot be done with unscreened magnets). The magnet proper has the most efficient of all magnet shapes – a plain cylinder, magnetized lengthways. Concentration of magnetic flux in the mild steel, possibly up to twice the density of the flux in the permanent magnet. Grip varies as the square of the flux density, so this is especially advantageous. Depth of field small compared with that of magnets with poles father apart (Such as horseshoes), but grip in intimate contact vastly superior to that of non-composite magnets of similar weight.


Product Code Dia Pull (Kg)
SHPM-6031 18 2
SHPM-6032 20 3
SHPM-6033 25 6
SHPM-6034 38 11


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