Pocket Clip Depth Gauge Cum Ruler

This Pocket Clip Depth Gauge cum Ruler is manufactured from high quality stainless steel sheet. Its gradations are etched in deep for accurate measurements.


Product Code Length x Width (inch) Type Style
SPMI-1933 6″ x 15/32″ BROAD 32nds, 64ths, and dec. Equivalent
SPMI-0510 6″ x 15/32″ BROAD 0.5 and mm
SPMI-0511 6″ x 15/32“ BROAD E/M-32nd, 64ths, mm and 0.5mm
SPMI-0512 6″ x 15/32″ BROAD 10ths, 50ths and mm, 0.5mm
SPMI-0513 6“ x 1/4″ NARROW 32nds and 64ths
SPMI-0514 150mm x 12mm NARROW mm and 16ths.
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