About Us


SARAL TOOLS,  family enterprise, which now works in the second generation. From the moment of their basis in 1985, he was confirmed by own development and manufacture of precision tools for the metal-working industry. For the long years of its existence in the field of precision tools the company has been specialized in the production of machines for the all metal-working industry. Today’s improved quality requirements and tool resources constantly require the maximum voltage on machines and tools. A complex line of standard tools successfully meets these requirements and so, allows our customers to get the decisive advantage before the competitors. Providing tools for the metal-processing industry is one of our major competences for longer years. Our wide range of products allows the efficient and economical to handle your parts should you have any specific requirements that can not be achieved with standard tools, we are through our know-how can develops a tool-oriented solutions to meet your specific needs. We began where where another stop manufacturer.


The philosophy of our company is performed by value, customer orientation and partnership.


I mean that we follow the following certainly defined requirements in all corporate sectors.


Means that we have to harmonize all our services with our customers and provide a high degree of individuality at once.


For us, this is a precondition for open and honest communication with our customers and our employees in the meaning of long-term cooperation.


  • Establishment of the company in 1985.
  • Family enterprise of the second generation.
  • Development and manufacture of precision tools from the time of its basis.
  • Today instrument tools for mechanical engineering and the entire assortment fit the company’s main competence.
  • Development of customer decisions in short term.
  • Careful structures of companies for ensuring short ways and high flexibility.


  • Our decisions are calculated for significant cost up to 30% due to the absence of additional operations.
  • Saral tools offers a perfect tool.
  • The quality of our services is measured by a high level satisfaction of our customers.
  • Specific requirements are furnished by individual products, which are always much better than normal.