2″ (50mm) Boring Head

Hardened and Ground adjusting screws along with a wide base design. It has an reading dial that moves and 0.040″ per revolution of the adjusting screw. The micrometer lead screw is calibrated in 0.001″. Mounting thread 1-1/2 x 18TPI & 7/8 x 20UNF, Boring tool diameter12mm/1/2″.

Product Code Shank Size Min Bore Max Bore
SMAB-5411 MT2 10/3/8” 100/4”
SMAB-0070 MT3 10/3/8″ 100/4″
SMAB-0071 MT4 10/3/8” 100/4”
SMAB-0072 R8 10/3/8” 100/4”
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