Universal Indicator Holder

Suitable For All Popular Indicators With 5/32″Shank 0r Dovetail. Does Not Disturb The Working Tool. Mounts With Single Pressure Screw Directly 0n Machine QuiII,By Passing The Working Tool. Its Clamping Diameter1-7/8“And Length From Clamping Bracket To Indicator 4-1/2″. It Reaches From 0-12“ Diameter. It Is Suitable For All Indicators With 3/8,5/32“ Shank. Adapts Immediately For Positive And Fast Indicating. Mount With Single Pressure Screw Directly 0n Machine Quill ,Bypassing The Working Tool. Frame With Designed With Bearing Pads Properly Spaced And An Opposite Pressure Screw Securing The Rigidity 0f The Mounting. The Desired Stiffness Is Adjustable And Is Not Altered By The Pivoting 0f The

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