Semi Universal Dividing Head With Accessories

The Universal Dividing Head is a tool that is used to divide a circle into equal spacers. The most common use is in the accurate manufacture of splices, gears and key-ways that are required to be at a specific angle to each other. The Universal Dividing Head can be tilted through a full 90° degrees from horizontal to vertical making it a must when manufacturing bevel gears or key-ways in tapers. Its is spindle is hardened and ground and rigidly held between taper roller bearings. Worm is also hardened and ground with ratio between worm and worm wheel 40:1. The Direct indexing designed for quick divisions of No’s 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 & 24. The head can be swivelled from 10’beIow horizontal to 90° vertical. It is designed to carry out all types of gear cutting, precision dividing slotted base on dividing head & tailstock for use with key steel to align quickly on machine. This set includes Universal Dividing head, Indexing Plates, Self Centering Chuck and Tailstock.


Taper Bore A B H
2MT 18mm 189mm 140mm 220mm
3MT  20rnm  245mm 220mm  230mm
100mm 160mm 91mm 13mm
128mm 160mm 91mm 16mm
A1 B1 H1
167mm 64mm 107.5mm
170mm 64mm 150mm
H1 A1 B1 G1
80mm -108mm 130mm 92mm 13mm
150mm – 115mm 155mm 110mm 16mm
Product Code Model No.
SRT-0446 SS-0
 SRT-0447  SS-1