Round Leather Sand Bags

This round leather sandbag comes in different sizes. Sandbags are a useful tool for gently moving metal. Place the metal being shaped on the sandbag and strike the metal with a plainishing hammer or nylon forming hammer to shape or smooth the metal.  Very useful for repair work when removing dents and imperfections.

Product Code Product Name
SJTC-8136 Leather Sand Bag 4” Dia Round
SJTC-8137 Leather Sand Bag 5” Dia Round
SJTC-8138 Leather Sand Bag 6” Dia Round
SJTC-8139 Leather Sand Bag 7” Dia Round
SJTC-8140 Leather Sand Bag 8” Dia Round
SJTC-8141 Leather Sand Bag 10” Dia Round
SJTC-8142 Leather Sand Bag 12” Dia Round


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