Revolving Threaded Chuck Adaptor

Revolving Threaded Chuck Adaptor for Lathes. Triple Bearing, 2MT Shank It is used for long jobs which is difficult to rotate due to without support, so this is the adaptor which is used for it is heavy duty revolving centre with a Boxford 11/2″x 8 thread, so you can grip both ends of the Job. Great for holding large diameter.

BoxFord (Threaded 1-1/2″x8TPI
Product Code Shank
SLRC-1010 MT1
SLRC-1011  MT2
SLRC-1012  MT3


MyFord (Threaded 1-1/8″x12TPI
Product Code Shank
SLRC-4131 MT1
SLRC-4132  MT2
SLRC-4133  MT3
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