Precision 3 Way Tilting Vises

Its body is made from close grained cast iron and jaws are hardened and ground. Upper angle base can incline from horizontal position to the vertical position. The Lower angle setting base can incline up to 45 degree in both right and left directions. This vice can set up at any angle with positive locking. The entire unit may be swiveled on a base plate through 360 degree.


Product Code Jaw Width Jaw Opening Jaw Depth  Weight In (Kg)
SVW-0034 50mm/2″ 50mm / 2″ 1“/25mm 4.1
SVW-0062 75mm/3″ 75mm / 3″ 1-1/4″/33mm 11.5
SVW-0274 100/mm 4″ 100mm / 4″ 1-1/2″/38mm 23
SVW-0275 125mm/5″ 125mm / 5″ 2“/50mm 36.50
SVW-0276 150mm/6″ 150mm / 6″ 2-1/8″/53mm 55
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