Expanding Mandrels

Chuck the shank of the expanding mandrel in a collet, jaw Chuck, or fixture. With an Allen Key tighten the hex draw bolt until it expands. Then machine the slotted Pan larger than bore of part. Loosen hex draw bolt, position part, tighten draw screw. The part is now chucked and ready for machining. This expanding mandrel can be used with standard toilets, vises, jaw chucks and many other special fixtures. These expanding mandrels are machinable by the customer. Multiple expanding mandrels are also used in other special fixtures for holding multiple workpieces ‘side by side’.


Product Code Size
SLEM-0130 (6,10,12,16,19,22,25,32)mm
SLEM-1087 (1/4″,3/8“,1/2″,5/8″,3/4“,7/8″,1″,1/4“)inches


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