Blank End Arbor

An exceptionally useful arbor with the morse taper ground and hardened and a threaded draw bar in the tail. the parallel stub is soft which enables it to be machined to suit any special application on a lathe or milling machine.


Tang Type
Product Code Dia X Length (mm) Shank Size
SLBEA-5157 22×30 MT-1
SLBEA-0168 25 x30 MT-2
SLBEA-0169 28×30 MT-2
SLBEA-0170 28×28 MT-3
SLBEA-0171 32 x42 MT-4


Drawbar Threaded
Product Code Dia X Length (mm) Shank Size Drawbar Thread
SMSA-5186 22 x 30 1MT 1/4″ or M6
SMSA-5187 25 x 30 2MT 3/8″ or M10
SMSA-5188 28 x 30 3MT 1/2″ or M12


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