Anvil Blocks

Easy to handle, simple to use. High quality manufactured and durable. This block anvil is ideal for shaping, flattening, laying out or chasing metal.

Product Code Product  Name Weight
SJTC-8102  Block Anvil 3Kg
SJTC-8103  Block Anvil 4Kg
SJTC-8104  Block Anvil 5Kg
SJTC-8105  Block Anvil 6Kg
SJTC-8106  Block Anvil 7Kg
SJTC-8107  Block Anvil 8Kg
SJTC-8108  Block Anvil 9Kg
SJTC-8109  Block Anvil 10Kg
SJTC-8110  Block Anvil 11Kg
SJTC-8111  Block Anvil 12Kg
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